What YOU can DO about Climate Change

Climate change is considered the greatest challenge of our time.

Science is proving the cause and effect of increased greenhouse gas emissions and its unequivocal that human activity is changing the climate. Especially industrialised societies. We must change our ways and climate scientists have urged us to act immediately.

Today’s IPCC Report is a ‘Code Red’ for humanity“: UN secretary general António Guterres

Climate change is causing worry and anxiety, especially amongst our young people. This video is a powerful insight.

The antidote to worry and anxiety is to take action“: Prof John Sharry

Becoming involved is empowering. Working with others offers support, lightens the load and gets things done. From community gardens to energy projects and direct action to policy change, the ways to get involved are numerous.

Select your county from this map or in the Groups by County webpage and follow the link to see what is being done in your area. You can also check out national networks to the left of the map or in this webpage. Then join in so you can take action too.

Are you already working on climate solutions but want to raise awareness locally and mobilise your community? Follow this link to Community Climate Action where you will find resources to help you host a climate conversation and other workshops on individual topics.

Alternatively you can contact Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland to find someone in your area qualified to facilitate your community transition plan. They are on Facebook.