The following four videos are from Ecoeye. They are great conversation starters so a must watch for any community workshop looking at energy solutions.

How can Ireland power itself sustainably in the 21st century? Part 1 (13mins)

Is it possible to power our future sustainably? The Energy Challenge. Part 2 (12mins)

In this episode, Duncan meets new homeowners who want to retrofit their homes with the latest in energy saving technology. By cutting their emissions, these families are also cutting their bills. For an E rating (3 bed semi ) to go to an A rating saves an average of €2,000-2250 a year!! For an F rated (3 bed semi) to go to an A rating saves an average of €2250- 3,000 every year!! (25mins)

Our housing stock contributes so much to Ireland’s high carbon emissions, but it can be very expensive to tackle on your own. Presenter Dr Clare Kambamettu finds out there’s strength in numbers when she visits a community in Dunleer who banded together to get works done as part of a group scheme. (4mins)

The SEAI coordinate the Sustainable Energy Communities Network throughout Ireland. How to become an SEC: (2mins)

Meet some SECs from around Ireland:

The Aran Islands Energy Co-op was launched in 2012. This presentation from the manager Avril Ní Shearcaigh is an excellent insight into community led energy transition. (17mins)

How Arranmore Island became a Better Energy Community (Sub-titles) (1mins)

Short animation from ESB Electricity Supply Board explaining how the Emission Trading System works and the climate change challenge facing Ireland. (6mins)

Download a pdf version of this energy event invitation or create your own.

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