Treating water is energy intensive which contributes to climate change. Sources of climate pollution are also polluting our water systems. Ireland is set to experience more droughts as the climate deteriorates. We can address climate change at the same time as restoring our water quality. The following information is from the EPA Water Indicators 2019:

Ireland’s Water Quality Needs to be Better Protected:
  • Just over half of Irish surface waters are in a satisfactory condition.
  • Nutrient concentrations in waters are too high and the trends are going in the wrong direction.
  • Nitrate concentrations are now increasing in nearly half of our river and groundwater sites.
  • Phosphate levels are increasing in a quarter of river sites. 
  • Concentrations of nitrate are highest in the south and south east of the country where the main source is agriculture.
Source EPA.ie

‘Your Water, Your Catchment’ is a short film about Ireland’s water catchments. Voiced by Eco Eye presenter and ecologist, Anja Murray, the film examines the importance of water catchments, the pressures facing them and how communities in Ireland are helping protect our waters. (4mins)

Anja Murray travels the length of Ireland meeting communities protecting Ireland’s water. Under threat from pollution, land use change and some agriculture, Anja talks to groups in Dublin, Cork and Limerick who are taking control of their river catchments, one community at a time. (26mins)

Ireland is set to get wetter and experience more droughts as the impacts of climate change affect us.

Office of Public Works OPWs is co-ordinating Ireland’s whole of Government approach to flood risk management. Flooding.ie is their website to raise public awareness of the dangers of flooding and measures to minimise the damage in a flood event.

Their national flood information portal provides location specific access to flood risk and flood management information.

Upland native forestry and hedgerows help slow down heavy rain. Healthy floodplains can help increase flood protection, recharge aquifers, and improve wildlife habitat. This animated feature from the Nature Conservancy, illustrates how we can harness these rich ecosystems to benefit both people and wildlife. What is Floodplains by Design? (6mins)

What can your community do to conserve, protect and improve water quality?

  • Instal a water filling station.
  • Harvest rainwater
  • Share information on personal actions
  • Contact LAWPRO to explore options for local projects

The Local Authority Waters Programme, LAWPRO, is a local authority shared service working with the 31 local authorities, relevant State agencies, stakeholders and communities. The goal is to meet the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive to have all natural waters at a good standard by 2027.

Water cycle image Designed by brgfx / Freepik

Water indicators image EPA.ie


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