Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Refuse – Refill – Repair – Rot

To host a conversation about waste you could incorporate any of the resources on this page into a basic workshop template. A guest speaker usually increases the interactions of the conversation. Every Local Authority has an Environmental Awareness Officer who may be delighted with an opportunity to discuss waste with your community. Voice Ireland works with communities including trained Recycling Ambassadors throughout the country.


The Story of Stuff is a global movement which grew from a timeless video made in 2007. (21mins)

Zero Waste Ireland ZWAI promotes a rethink of current discard, disposal practices and works towards a circular economy.

In this Ecoeye episode Dr Lara Dungan investigates the true cost of waste in Ireland. It takes a look at waste in Irish society from every day volunteer action to EPA research. (25mins)

VOICE – Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment is empowering positive action for the conservation of our natural resources. They have some useful resources some of which are included in this page. (2mins)

MyWaste.ie is Ireland’s official guide to managing you waste. Browse this site for your local waste services; bring banks, recycling facilities along with ways to help you prevent waste, reuse and upcycle. (2mins)


Community Resources Network Ireland, CRNI, is Ireland’s network for community based reuse, repair and recycling organisations.

Video introducing CRNI members: (2mins)

What use can be made from what you no longer want? What community initiatives can reuse generate?

MyWaste.ie YouTube channel has lots of videos hints for mending and reusing from darning a sock to sewing on buttons. Take a look for some skills and inspiration.

MyWaste.ie is an initiative brought to you by the Regional Waste Management Offices on behalf of the Department of Climate Action, Communications and the Environment.


While our focus needs to be on generating less waste we should ensure that what we do need to use is recyclable. There are a limited number of materials that can be recycled in Ireland so it is good to know what they are. Make sure everything is clean, dry & separated.

Some helpful hints from Voice Ireland: (3mins)


Vector No Sign, No symbol, Not Allowed isolated on white background

Just say “NO”!

CLIMATE QUEENS is a podcast series aiming to raise awareness about the effect that we, as humans, are having on our shared planet and what we can do about it. Have a listen for some interesting facts about overconsumption, from fast fashion to food waste and more.

While refusing is usually a personal choice communities can adopt and promote campaigns for a collective effort.


More and more shops are opening up where you can bring your own containers to refill.

Refill Ireland started in 2017 as an environmental project aiming to make towns and cities tap water Refill friendly. Download their App to find refill water stations near you.

If there is no refill shop near you perhaps your community could start a bulk buying group or a shop.


By setting up a Repair Café in your town or city, you can actively contribute to a more sustainable society. You can help create a society where everyone can find a place, where repair expertise is cherished and passed on, and where valuable raw materials are used in a responsible way. It’s fun, you meet people from the neighbourhood and you also help the environment!” Martine Postma, Founder of Repair Café” *** Check out how to do it… https://www.changex.org/ie/repaircafe

If you can’t repair something there may be a local professional who can repair it.

Here’s a online directory http://repairmystuff.ie whose “mission is to support, promote and encourage a repair industry in Ireland. Why? It makes environmental and financial sense. Simply put, we think that if people knew how and where to get products repaired they would. Simply search what you want repaired and where in the country you are. 

Right to Repair Europe is a coalition of European organizations. As well as fighting for policy change they have lots of videos about successful initiatives.


Bord Bia’s Guide to Composting in Schools available at GIYIreland YouTube channel. (7mins)

Stop Food Waste is a programme funded under the EPA National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP) since 2009.

On the Aran Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean, between counties Galway and Clare, the community revolutionised their waste habits. Athchúrsáil Árann is extremely proud to be the first company in Ireland to be approved by the Department of Agriculture to operate as a composting facility.

Download a pdf version of this waste event invitation or create your own.

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