Conversation Template

This is a suggested template for your climate change conversation. Pick and chose what works for you and your community. It is designed for a 2 hour session but you can add to that if it suits.

  • 5 mins – Start by welcoming everyone and thanking them for coming along. The presentation above is linked at the end of this page.
  • 5 mins – Introduce yourself and outline the plan for the conversation.
  • 5 mins – Define any protocol or ground rules:
    • Use hand signals and the chat function to get the attention of the hosts
    • Have your say and allow as much time for everybody else
    • Listen to and respect others – everyones opinion is welcome
    • Decide whether to take notes on paper, a shared document or in chat
    • For online events stay muted when not speaking and display your name
    • Ask if anyone has anything to add
  • 5-10 mins ice breaker depending upon numbers. Some options:
    • Break everyone into pairs to introduce themselves to each other by sharing their name and an ice breaker question
    • Write why you are attending and what you hope to get into the chat box
  • 25 mins max – Watch a video explaining the facts about the topic. There are many available online and some linked in the relevant workshop pages of this website.
  • 2 mins – List any highlighted impacts on Ireland. Also listed in relevant workshop pages.
  • 10-20 mins. Ask people what interests them most when considering what can be done about the topic. People can raise their hand or type their response into the chat box.
  • 10-20 mins and usually takes longer online. Split people up into groups:
    • Depending upon numbers you could end up with one or many groups
    • Groups can be based on topics of interest if easily identified
    • Round tables work best and break out rooms for online events
    • Allocate a topic to each table or breakout room
    • Unless you have organised facilitators and notetakers in advance have each group allocate someone to those roles
    • In their groups people must discuss their topic, its relevance to their own community, what changes need to happen and what actions can be taken to mitigate and adapt to climate change
  • 20-30 minutes. Bring everyone back together and ask each group facilitator to list 3 actions, ideas or follow up themes from their group. For in person events there is a feedback form linked at the end of the page.
  • Ask everyone to sign up to receive the feedback from the conversation and news about future workshops or actions, ensuring GDPR compliance.
  • Take note of all the actions or assign the task to someone else.
  • Keep an eye on the time and make sure key points are noted.
  • Plan to send a feedback report and follow up with participants.
  • If your conversation is online then have at least two hosts, preferably more. This is especially useful when admitting people and when organising break out rooms.
  • If your conversation is in person bring paper and colours for people to use.
  • If you plan a conversation longer than 2 hours then have a tea break and encourage chat. You can incorporate this in an online conversation using breakout rooms with up to 4 participants in each. They use the first 5 minutes to make the tea and come back to meet their group.

There is more information on facilitating and planning your event on this page. If you would prefer to invite a trained facilitator there is a network of climate action facilitators available throughout Ireland. Get in touch for more information.

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