Why is our food bad for our climate and environment? What can we do about it?

The following four videos are from Ecoeye. They are great conversation starters so a suitable watch for any community workshop looking at food solutions.

In this episode Dr Lara Dungan looks at the environmental impact of food. What are climate friendly diets? And can they be produced sustainably here in Ireland? (11mins)

Dr Lara Dungan asks “What does a sustainable future of food look like in Ireland?” How can we expand horticulture in Ireland to benefit both the environment and the economy? (14mins)

Farming is at the frontline of climate impacts but the world’s agri-food system is one of the biggest causes of climate change. How can our food systems and particularly livestock farming become more sustainable and resilient in the face of Climate Change? Dr Lara Dungan meets with farmers and experts across Ireland. (12mins)

In part two of this look at sustainable agriculture in Ireland Dr Lara Dungan speaks to some experts and farmers to discuss measures being taken to lower emissions from livestock farming in Ireland. There is one fascinating story from one dairy farmer building resilience and practising regenerative agriculture. (13mins)

Below are some questions that are regularly raised during a conversation about climate action and food systems.
  • How is our food supply chain impacting our climate and environment?
  • What food do we actually need?
  • Can what we need be produced locally?
  • What employment opportunities does food production offer?
  • Who can produce it?
  • How to support local producers?
  • What changes would work for existing food producers?
  • How can we trade local produce?
  • Could we host a market? Where?
  • Would we have enough support for a local market?
  • Is there scope for a delivery service?
  • What employment opportunities exist in marketing food?
  • What can be done for existing food producers?
Here are some answers to the questions and ideas for community food systems.

Community gardens and allotments are a great way to introduce food growing into any community. Check out Community Gardens Ireland.

Here’s a fabulous project – Zero Waste Community Garden Allotments in Kildare. (4mins)

Dr. Jonathan Foley, Executive Director of Project Drawdown, explains how solving climate change can save the world money. What’s even better? We have the tools to do it today. Here’s a look at food systems. From The Years Project (6mins)

Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between a group of people and a farmer. Here’s a link to CSA Ireland and Cloughjordan Community Farm.

Moy Hill CSA Farm is in Clare. Take a tour at your leisure on Youtube. (9mins)

GIY founder, Michael Kelly, and Head of Community Development, Karen O’Donohoe, take viewers on a journey from plot (or pot) to plate each week. (13mins)

GIY often have funding available to support community gardens. Sign up for news on their website.

Farming For Nature is an independent, not-for-profit initiative which aims to support high nature value farming in Ireland.

Talamh Beo is a grassroots, farmer led organisation  on the island of Ireland which aims to ensure a living landscape where people and ecosystems can thrive together.

Local markets offer a positive focal point in any community. Supporting local producers is good for personal health, the environment, the local economy and food security. Mast have details of markets throughout Ireland.

Reko stands for ‘Fair Consumption’ and is a trade model originally created in Finland. Here is an introduction to the Reko ring in Lahinch, Co Clare from Moy Hill farm: (8mins)

Download a pdf version of this food event invitation or create your own.

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